Computer Woes

Cedric was called into the office urgently on 21 September

The base website of the Arteman Team had gone down

The Chairman told him to fix it

I carried out some quick checks and the site was indeed down

computer doc

The base address, returned a yellow error page, and while some of the subsidiary pages did seem to load ( probably from the cache ) even these appeared to disappear to be replaced with either an inability to load or a screen saying page not found


A couple of hours work had most of the subsidiary pages working successfully but no matter what I did I could not make the base address work at all.  Still got the yellow error page

I opened helplines to both the domain registrar and to the organisation that hosted the website and spent a very frustrating 36 hours being passed backwards and forwards finally resulting in a decision that there must be some error in ” our” configuration file

I did not think so and I had on several occasions advised the hosting company that I thought the problem was at their end

No, I’ll revise that last statement

I ” knew “  that the problem was at their end and that their server was functioning inappropriately ! !

I got very frustrated

I sought help from Arteman

He said, ” many years ago when I was dealing with helpdesks I often found problems like this.  My usual solution was to thank the helpdesk for their assistance, tell them that I would continue to work on the problem and let them know when I had the solution “

“I usually also added a rider to the end of the final email along the lines of ” I think you should tell the techies in the basement that they have a problem “

So that’s what I did.  This is the email that I sent


Thank you for all of your advice
I have deployed a personal workaround for the time being and will continue to investigate the difficulty
If I find a solution, I will let you know
I think we can close this ticket now – but it might be worth telling the Techies
Everything worked perfectly on 16 September 2021
Web site has been up with same configuration for 25 years ( Yes it is old ) !
Web site not working by 21 September 2021
No changes made to configuration
I note from the Status page that
All of your servers (are in the process of being transferred to another UK data centre. ( August to September 2021
And that another Status update was issued at 1630 BST today
Many thanks for your help
If I find a solution, I will let you know
Best wishes

an hour later I received this response

Hi Cedric,

Thank you very much for the update!

There was a recent maintenance on our Plesk Windows platform that caused the IP change. It should have happen automatically, but as your domain is using third party name servers the IP needed to be set manually.

However the issue with the ‘Runtime Error’ should not be related with the maintenance.

Meanwhile I changed the ASP.NET version to 3.5 and an application pool setting, can you please test now and let us know if it is working correctly ?

Thank you for the understanding and cooperation, once again!

Kind regards,

I checked the web site and it was functioning normally !

Problem Solved

Thank you Arteman !

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