A Funny Old Week

It’s been a funny old week!

The whole Team is, of course, in modified partial shielding because we are now in coronavirus tier four.  We have a lot of time on our hand in the shed

Arteman popped in on Boxing Day to wish us all a happy Christmas.  Although he has now slowed down and retired from active membership of the Team he is still quite interested in what we do

He bought an old computer with him.  ” I found this in a cupboard “, he said, ” whilst we were rummaging around looking for the Christmas decorations “

The computer was a Toshiba NB200 netbook

” It used to be quite good “. He said, ” but then progressive upgrades of Windows 10 made it slower and slower and slower, so like me it got retired “

” You can play with it if you like,   and see what you can do “

So I did!

After three days of intense work it was finally running reasonably swiftly with Windows 10 version 1909 installed

I should probably have left it there – because it was running reasonably well and doing the couple of things I wanted it to do although it was obvious that Office 365 was never going to run  satisfactorily

Google Docs and Sheets provided a workable alternative

Last night however it offered an upgrade to Windows 20H2 OS build 19042.685

I think this may be a bridge too far  !!

The little netbook is sitting there at present trying to install the upgrade ( currently 70% ) so we’ll have to wait-and-see

I will post in an update – successful or not, when I know what has happened

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