More Technical Trouble

A very frustrating problem has arisen

Most of my output now is done through blogging on WordPress.

I do however maintain a very old website which acts as a direction indicator to all of the WordPress blogs. I use it a lot to move around my sites

The website is almost certainly 30 years old,  very ancient, but does what it says on the box –  it directs people to the appropriate websites.

It has worked well for 30 years with only the occasional hiccup and I last updated it about six weeks ago.

I update it regularly every year at the end of November to add a festive ” Seasonal Greetings ” direction.

I tried to do it a couple of days ago

Total failure.

FTP access which has always worked in the past just would not work.

I spent some frustrating time trying to locate the problem and then realised that the site had probably been moved

I tried to find its new location

Total failure


I know where it used to be, but it’s not there anymore!

doc thump

I finally discovered that my original host had been moved many times over the past 30 years, I won’t bother you with a list of the different providers, but after many hours work, and being passed backwards and forwards between different hosting companies I finally gave up and handed the problem to Cedric

Cedric had already been promoted ( following the disaster of the Prime Minister and his soundless Zoom meeting – Cedric demanded a promotion and new title for all the work he has done recently for the team )

Cedric is now ” Master Gopher and has been admitted to membership of the Shed “. HIs elevation is contingent on him successfully re-establishing contact with the website.

At the end of his first day’s work he has finally been able to get one of the hosting companies to admit that they are  in fact hosting the website,  even though they denied it to me

At that point things turned a little more complicated as they claimed that ownership of the website was vested in an email address which was not the one from which he was working.

He reported this morning that the helpdesk of the website

  1. Admitted that it hosted the Team’s website
  2. Could not verify that any of the addresses used by Cedric were valid.
  3. He is currently attempting to verify an address to obtain access the website

It looks as if he may be halfway, or partway there

It has been very tedious

From Arteman’s desk it looks a bit of a shambles.

Sylvia ( acting head of IT ) is keeping an eye on the matter

It may be that Arteman holds two accounts with the hosting company ( not impossible ) and that we will eventually we will be able to gain access to the site.

It is possible that the administration of the website has been stolen and compromised

Time will tell.

Sergei  (SVP and Super Head of IT and All Things Technical )  is of course still on the West Coast with Aleksandr    ( prolonged,   ” promotional ”   holiday ! )

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