Cedric’s Promotion

Cedric’s promotion has been made substantive !

He is now officially ” Master Gopher and a member of the Shed “: Not bad for a lad who used to be a chimney sweep’s boy

He spent most of yesterday afternoon and almost all of today online with the helpdesk at TSOhost but the problem is now finally resolved

Arteman and the team have access to their old website!

Sergei has sent his congratulations and confirmed the appointmnt

The silly thing is it was the most minor change that occasioned all the heartache.

All I wanted to do was add   ” Seasonal Greetings ”  to the personal part of the menu at www.arteman.com

The actual change only required the removal of two // and the change of one URL

The changes took less than 30 seconds!

Rediscovering the location of the website and gaining access to it has caused a problem over at least three days !

On the positive side we do now have a faster way of updating the old website

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