Technical Troubles

Yesterday was a day of technical disaster !

For some reason Microsoft Outlook failed to close properly and froze my entire Microsoft Office 365 suite

We depend heavily on Office 365 which provides a integrated cross-platform system ( on all the computers and android devices ) for the whole Team.

The problem with Outlook prevented any of the office programs from working

Sylvia and Cedric came round very swiftly ( Sergei is still on the coast with Aleksandr on their promotional ! holiday !  )

It took them all afternoon to solve the problem and I understand that they had to uninstall Office 365, and uninstall the residual part of Microsoft Outlook which remained behind and then reinstall all of Office 365.

Happily all of the data ( seriously backed up but not needed ) was not affected so all is well

Before they left Cedric made a few adjustments to Arteman’s new Home Television Studio!

And because the Boss has now started using Zoom for quite serious Zoom Meetings for one of her ladies organisations,   Cedric ordered the additional bits that she needs to turn her study into a Home Television Studio!  ( Really just a green screen and a stand )

Happily all now seems to be running well so a round of applause for Cedric and Sylvia


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