Tech Team News

Sergei  ( Senior Vice President; Super Head of IT and all Technical Services )

Sergei has had to do a lot more work for his employer of record recently ( he only moonlights for me ) ( for peanuts ! )

You may have seen the video about Auto Sergei, but he did find time recently to fit some added RAM to my best machine together with a four port USB card which has made the world a lot tidier.


( Computermabob is a lot quicker too – Sergei )

He is currently in California with Aleksandr promoting Auto Sergei and he appears over relaxed.  If you have seen the video you know what I mean – must be something in  ” The Air That I Breathe ”


I do recall being in LA many, many, years ago with the Boss. – We travelled very late one night on a night bus back to our hotel and there was no need to smoke –  it definitely was in ” The Air that I Breathe ”

We look forward to Sergei’s return

Whilst he is away Sergei has appointed Sylvia,  his Training Officer,  as acting head of the IT department.

She oversaw the final installation of the RAM and USB cards on the primary computer and came into the office just to check that the wiring had been sorted out.

She was not impressed.

In a matter of seconds she had added 2 new 4 port USB cards to the backup machine and tossed  out even more cabling

She looked at the remaining spider’s web of cables ( even though some had been removed ) and informed me that in discussion with Sergei they had decided that the complicated computer system and incredibly tangled wiring system was such that they fully expected my computer to become fully self-aware within a very short space of time

She warned me that sparks might fly !

She was equally unimpressed by my dictation technique.

“ Why are you using a headset ?  “ she said

” You  have a perfectly good dictating machine there which you could use and then use auto transcribe to transcribe the recordings whilst you do something completely different ! “

She demonstrated the system to me.

I have therefore arranged a number of one-on-one meetings with Sylvia to improve my technique.

Sylvia is a relatively new recruit to the IT department;  she is young,  attractive and she has suggested that I do not tell the Boss about our meetings in case she gets the wrong idea!

She has also suggested that we do not declare them to the rest of the organisation!

I suppose Sergei will have to know when he returns.

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