Another Bout of Update Fever !

upgrade stone

Another bout of Upgrade Fever

Not my fault !!

For some time now my primary computer has been struggling.  Along with a fair number of machines the Microsoft Upgrade for the Spectre and Meltdown chip vulnerabilities  put the machine into an update loop.

I controlled it by rescheduling updates – but it was a bind.

Then – out of the blue I began to get network connectivity problems

I tried everything!  All the software and hardware tweaks I could think of,  followed by a complete cable reinstall – NO FUN AT ALL!!! –  Flat on my back on the floor surrounded by cables !!

No success

Finally a complete destructive reinstall of Windows 10 Fall Edition Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299.309 followed by reinstallation of all my programs

I was a very unhappy bear !!!!!!!!

I did eventually track down the problem

My Virtual Private Network provider had installed an upgrade with enhanced security which had made my network much more secure – but which did need some tweaking to permit normal operation

So- a fairly fraught week – a very grumpy Artteman and the Boss not at all content

However  Things look OK now


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