Tech Update

The spring and summer of 2017 have been surprisingly un-technical!

Arteman and the Boss have spent most of the spring and summer in an idle mode  – spending quite a lot of the time in France where we have been idle, sitting in the sunshine ( or in Arteman’s case in the shade ), playing Petanque in the afternoons and enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle!

A Mediterranean lifestyle, but, with significantly less alcohol and less food!

Autumn however is a time for technology.

Two and a half years ago I purchased a Hewlett Packard 15 inch HP 15–A067S, it has 8 GB of RAM and the supplier altered the operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 before delivery.  I increased the storage to 2 TB and partitioned the drive.

That was probably an error!

Because from then on the computer studiously refused to update using the Windows update system.  It remained stubbornly on Windows 10 Original.


I lived with that until now.

Microsoft have now announced that Windows 10 Original and even the Anniversary Edition are no longer sufficiently secure and that to ensure security in the future Windows 10 must be upgraded to the Creators Edition (Fall Edition )

Well my laptop was certainly not going to accept that !!


Every time I tried to upgrade it gave me the happy message ” Windows failed to install “!!


I swore,  I banged my head,  I spent hours on the Internet looking for a solution – and FINALLY – I made two discoveries

1  My partitioning program did not like Windows 10 and I needed to download an updated version of Paragon  Partition Manager to cope with the upgrades

2  The partitions on the hard drive were in an illogical order and would never work.

I finally bit the bullet and deleted the first partition on the hard drive, replaced the partition and did a clean install of the most recent Windows upgrade successfully.

As I was warned  –  and suspected –  all of my programs and settings were deleted.

The installation worked – and the laptop is now successfully running Microsoft Windows version 1709, OS build 16,299.19  !!

I did of course have to reinstall all the programs and apps which caused a certain amount of frustration and isolation from the Boss.

All of the programs are reinstalled including Quicken 2004,  which all the experts tell me will not run in Windows 10 ( but it does ) after a fair bit of jiggery-pokery

The whole process took three days!!

Well – in for a penny in for a pound.

Next day I updated my oldest desktop, which is maintained as a backup machine should everything else fail.  and surprise surprise it is now successfully running Microsoft Windows version 1709, OS build 16,299.19  !!

Call me a fool if you will!

” FOOL “

The next day I decided to update my primary desktop computer.  That was not quite so easy –  the installation program hung a couple of times and I had to kick the computer and reboot it twice but at the end of the day it accepted the upgrade and all now seems to be running well

So I am now recovering from yet another bout of update fever

age ill

It has at least had the advantage of keeping my mind well occupied and not concerned with all the shenanigans in Parliament and the entertainment industry!

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