Upgrades Again !!

Arteman and the Boss have been quite busy again.

We have had a succession of techie days  ( technological  days) – not to be confused with tetchy days ( grumpy days )!

It is true that quite often techie days can turn into techie woes, 

upgrade-time2 jackbox3

Followed inevitably by tetchy days



Recently the Boss agreed that we could purchase for ourselves a new ( slightly larger ) television as our joint Christmas present.

After much research we ( Arteman ) decided to purchase a Samsung UE40H6400AK Smart LED television and it is now installed and working beautifully.  The picture is excellent.

In addition we added a Samsung VG-STC5000 Plug and Play 1080p TV Camera to use for Skype and that is also fantastic.

Learning how to control the new television is proving somewhat problematical!

So there has been a fair amount of upgrade activity going on!

New TV in the lounge – all digital with Sky – old lounge TV to my Study – all digital and Sky mirrored from the primary TV;    old study TV –  analogue flat screen with just Sky mirrored from lounge to the bedroom;   old steam driven  analogue TV from bedroom to the tip later this week.

Setting everything up to my satisfaction did take a fair bit of time – but no real techie woes

So : No techie woes and no tetchy days!

Time for a bit of a rest!

The Samsung UE40H6400AK Smart LED television is fantastic both for the European Rugby Champions Cup ( old Heineken Cup ) for Arteman and for Strictly for the Boss !!

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