OH No !!!! Not Another Upgrade !!!

Oh no!  Not another b upgrade.


Oh yes!  Yet another upgrade.

I have only just come to terms with Windows 10 on my primary computer, my backup computer and my new laptop then all of a sudden – wham! Yet another upgrade to cope with.

I am not allowed to upgrade the Boss’s computer to Windows 10 until she leaves for New Zealand on New Years’ Eve

So I already know how I shall be bringing in 2016

A couple of years ago I upgraded my Microsoft Office programs from the individual Microsoft Office suite to their online subscription service Microsoft Office 365.  I have been very pleased with it.


It does result in regular upgrades and 48 hours ago  all three computers  announced that they were now ready to upgrade all of my Microsoft Office programs to Microsoft Office  2016.

Actually the upgrades were painless.

The difficulty is that the new programs have considerably more features than the old ones and coming to terms with some of them may be a little tricky.


In particular Office  2016 caters for sharing of files using the Microsoft Cloud.

That looks like a good system but has caused me some problems since a lot of my data and files were already shared on our local intranet using network attached storage.

Office 2016 tends to treat shared files on the local intranet as if they were shared on Microsoft cloud and this is causing me some problems.

grumpy2.gifSo  –  back to Joan Baez and the 1960s!!  ” We shall overcome “

”  Someday ! “

We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome Someday

Deep In My Heart, I Do Believe, We Shall Overcome Someday

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