Update Fever

Arteman is suffering from a severe bout of Update Fever

age ill

Update fever, definition,

the uncontrollable desire to update everything in your technological lifestyle. 

Common to men of certain age who feel that life is passing them by and that ” something must be done!  ” 

An alternative to having an extramarital affair but potentially just as damaging to a relationship! 

Characterised by sitting in front of a computer for hours on end and ignoring everything else that is going on in one’s life! 

There is no treatment

I’ve certainly got it and there’s nothing you can do about it except take some paracetamol when the headache, eyestrain and backache, caused by sitting in front of a computer for hours on end become intolerable

I know I’ve got it  – I’ve had it often enough in the past.


First there was the upgrade from Windows to Windows 3 – then Windows 3.1 – then Windows 95 – then XP – and over the last few years there have been the upgrade from XP to 6, 7, 8 , 8.1 and now finally to 10.

I’m hoping that this final upgrade to Windows 10 will see me out!

It really began with the new car, but that wasn’t too bad.   we learned quite quickly how to deal with the different driving techniques and even with the touchscreen!

But it was the beginning of the problem

My old HTC desire wouldn’t pair with the motor car, so obviously I was going to have to buy a new telephone.  I purchased a second SIM only contract from BT and added to it a Samsung mini S4 phone.  It only took about one day to get the phone up and running to my satisfaction and it does pair successfully with the car.


I had also been advised by Microsoft that both of my own home computers were eligible for free upgrade to Windows 10 ( and the Boss’s is as well )  , I registered for the free download on all three machines intending to update them in the autumn – about October time.

Concurrently I realised that the netbook that I use when travelling had become, like me,  incredibly elderly and very slow. 

I therefore decided to purchase a new much more powerful laptop computer with Windows 10 preinstalled.  The intention was to use the new laptop to explore Windows 10 before undertaking the free upgrades.

I ordered a Hewlett Packard 15 inch HP 15–A067S and left it with our local computer superstore for them to install Windows 10.

As soon as I got home my oldest computer informed me that the windows 10 download was available and that it was ready to install . Foolishly I chose to install it!!

I’ve been with Microsoft 40 years – I’m accustomed to their upgrade problems.

It took me three attempts to install the software and that was only beginning of the problem.

There is a shiny new assistant in Windows 10 ( called Cortana) which responds to spoken commands  –  but only if you have all the settings correct!

You need to ensure you have the English UK language pack installed and selected by default, the region; ” London Belfast” and you also need to make sure that the speech recognition is set to the English default language – it took me a while to sort that out!

Second much more troubling problem with that I use this particular machine to play music to a Bluetooth connected speaker and I have been totally unable to get the machine to recognise the Bluetooth enumerator and to pair with the speaker.  I’m not the only person with the problem and I’m leaving it on hold for some considerable time!

The new laptop was delivered today and I am slowly trying to build it to my satisfaction.  This may also be a serious error of judgement!


It was perhaps foolish of me to decide to partition the hard drive pretty much as soon as I got the machine and I am currently waiting to see if this is been successful!

Truthfully whilst I’m writing this blog the laptop has produced a blue screen of death and the disc management software that I use is trying to recover the problem


I may have made a major error!

So,   six days later!!!

The update fever has broken;;; Life is slowly returning to normal but it’s been an exciting six days.

I now have Windows 10 running on both of my own desktop computers and I also have a new laptop computer with Windows 10 running successfully and I am slowly building the program base which I wish to use.

But it has been a fairly traumatic six days!  ( The Boss says so ! ) 

I have been unreasonable, uncommunicative and completely out of the world for the last six days!

And tempted to use some old fashioned and unapproved update techniques  !!!!!!!


The first computer to be upgraded was an old Hewlett Packard with a Pentium Dual Core processor, 3.00Gb of Ram and a 32 bit operating system. 

The Windows 10 update icon appeared on the screen and I clicked on it

The install process was a little tedious and a little patronising;   At one point the screen clearly said   ”   Installing Windows 10   Sit back and Relax ”  !!


No Chance!!! 

It added  ” The computer will restart several times during the process “.

In the event I had to manually reboot the computer about four times to get the program installed

Once it was installed all of the programs which I required to run seem to have been installed with the exception of Microsoft FrontPage,  which,  frankly , will not run on any of the copies of Windows 10 which I have now installed.

My solution to the Microsoft FrontPage problem has been to install Windows Expression which seems to have been installed and appears to be running perfectly well.

The only other problem I have discovered with this particular computer is that I cannot make my Belkin Bluetooth adapter work under Windows 10.  That is a bit of a problem because I use it to play music to a wireless speaker.

I’m not the only person with this problem and I have put it on one side for the moment.

The second computer was a brand-new laptop a Hewlett Packard Pavilion with Windows 10 preinstalled.

It,s a serious beast –an AMD 2.2Ghz processor with AMD RadeonR4 Graphics, 8.00 Gb of Ram,  64 bit operating System and 1 terabyte of storage – now successfully partitioned !!!!

It was perhaps foolish of me to immediately partition the hard drive as soon as I got the computer and that did cause me some grief and some problems which I finally overcame but it did mean that I needed to defragment all of the partitions and run CHKDSK on all of the partitions before I started with any other installation.


All went well until I installed the Plantronics headset this morning which for some reason set up a persistent loopback on the computer and required me to reinstall part of the operating system and to restore the computer to yesterday’s configuration.

It now seems to be working well.

The Belkin Bluetooth adapter does not work on this computer either.

The final desktop caused me slightly more problems.

A Hewlett Packard Intel dual core processor 4 Gb of Ram and 1 terabyte of storage

I should perhaps mention that I also have considerable Network attached storage – some of it running on significantly old software !!

The Windows 10 update just would not install using the Windows 10 update button on the screen and I therefore went to the Microsoft website and downloaded the Windows 10 media installation programs onto a USB drive and installed from that.

Again all seems to have gone well with the exception of the Belkin Bluetooth adapter.

The only other problem that I really notice so far is that I have not been able to produce any recovery medium onto a USB stick for any of the three installations

I’m waiting to see what happens.

I did however download the Windows 10 Media Tool and produced a Windows 10 USB installation stick.  Good job I did because I had to use it this morning to recover my Laptop!!!

Overall so far the upgrade to Windows 10 has been relatively stress-free  ( despite what the Boss says )


I am not allowed to update the Boss’s computer until she goes to New Zealand on New Year’s Eve.

The update fever has now definitely passed!

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