An Unexpected Upgrade !!

The only technological update I had planned whilst the Boss was away was to upgrade my BT broadband Home Hub to Home Hub 5.


This occurred three weeks ago and the result has been excellent


The recent takeover of EE by BT has however thrown up a small problem

Although BT sold off its mobile telephone service to O2 some years ago I continued to enjoy mobile telephony provided by BT through a broadband contract called BT Broadband Anywhere To Go – and it has worked remarkably well

This legacy  broadband contract did not stay on the market very long but the mobile telephone provided by BT did and the service continued.

In the fullness of time I upgraded to an HTC Desire which has been an excellent telephone for me.

The contract terms changed slightly over years and became slightly expensive – but I persevered.

I got an email from BT today saying they were changing the contract and that they would offer me a reasonable SIM only offer of 200 minutes 500 MB and unlimited text for 5 pounds a month.  It seemed like a good deal so I phoned to change the contract.  The upshot is that they are sending me a new SIM card.

It then became slightly more complicated!!

They tell me that I  will possibly need to unlock my phone and to have a PAC code to preserve my number

So not just a simple SIM replacement.

I am waiting for the new SIM and the welcome pack to see where we go.


Further updates later – why am I apprehensive!

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