Computer Woes !

Well, 2015 started quite well!

Caroline and Neill came up for New Year’s Eve and we celebrated Caroline’s promotion at work. 

The champagne however was flat and awful and went down the sink!

The white wine, from the Vignerons de Mont Ventoux and the rose from the Domaine de Briguieres were both , as usual, excellent

We moved the shed !!

Not a great deal in the scheme of things, but it has been on the programme for some time and the shed is now in its third location in 30 years.

It owes us nothing!  However after 30 years the 2″ x 2″ timbers that it rested on were very rotten and needed to be replaced and some of the cladding between the shed and the wall, to hide the wheelie bins, was very rotten

We lifted the shed with the aid of crowbars and pushed it onto 2 inch diameter PVC pipes and then set about like a rugby scrum to move it. 

Crouch, bind, set! 


It moved!

All that remains now is to have the cladding replaced to hide the wheelie bins.

All was well at home until 7 January,  when an unexpected power cut trashed one of my external hard drives and caused a major problem with my primary computer.

It took a week to recover the problem.  I had to revert the primary computer to factory state and reinstall all my software

I was not a happy bear!!

I had,  of course,   been intending to install some sensible drive image software and back up the operating systems for some time

I’ve done it now but I should have done it before!

I installed Paragon Hard Disk manager, partitioned the primary drive and backed up the operating system.


Looks a bit fearsome but actually not too bad!


I’ve done it on both the primary machine, the backup machine and the Boss’s machine

I really should have done it before

There’s been no significant loss of data because that was all well backed up but I should have made the drive images some time ago. 

Kick Kick Kick!

Everything seems to have gone well –  but unless, and until, another disaster occurs we will not really know!

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