Home Update

Another technical upgrade for our Home

The change was from my current network based central heating control ( British Gas My Home ) to British Gas’s new system British Gas Hive which controls both central heating and the domestic hot water system.



British Gas Hive



I was impressed by the ease of control – and the savings made – with the old system and decided to upgrade to the new Hive system.  The engineer fitted the system this morning and we have already reduced the hot water heating system by about 30 hours a week.

Hive4 Hive5

The system is controlled from Computer,Tablet, Kindle Fire or Smartphone and appears very user friendly

Hive2 Hive3

It looks impressive  More information later

We also  discussed our old fuse box – which does not meet the current IEE Wiring Regulations – I have been aware of this for some time and have had one quote.

I am now awaiting a quote from British Gas and plan to have the old fuse box ( which had been upgraded to MCBs ) replaced with a brand new consumer unit – complete with RCD and MCBs as well as an entirely new multiple earth system and external isolation switch so that we do comply with the current regulations

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