Computer Update

For almost 20 years I have been recording my ECG on regular basis using software called SmartHeart Teacher by Harley Street Software with great success

The original software written in the early 1990s ran spectacularly well under Windows 95 and Windows XP

A typical tracing is shown below – taken on 13 February 1997


The Smart Hart software and hardware has worked incredibly well for 20 years although it has required some tweaking from time to time.  The original  hardware came with a serial connector –

photograph below for those who do not really remember  “ The Good Old Days “


So even to convert to windows XP I required a USB to RS232 DB9 serial adapter


The change to Windows 7 was too much for the 20-year-old software and hardware to deal with and I therefore had to seek an alternative method of recording my ECG

I have been aware for some time that company in America called AliveCor have developed ECG recording hardware and software which worked with smart phones and android devices.

I did a fair amount of research because their device was not certified to use with my android devices but I eventually discovered from a user of the equipment that it would probably work with my Galaxy tablet

I therefore ordered an AliveCor device, downloaded the app from the App Store and I am absolutely delighted with the equipment

Alivecor1 Alivecor2


It worked ” out-of-the-box “and a copy of the tracing is shown below

Tracing taken on 10 June 2014


From my point of view what is even more interesting is that the tracing taken today is not significantly different from that taken in 1997

The full 30 second recording is shown below


Technical details


AliveCor Heart Monitor with Universal Attachment Plate – For iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, Samsung S3/S4, HTC One

Galaxy 10 inch Tablet Model No GT-P7510 Android version 4.0.4 64GB

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