Updates Over–But at a Price !!!!

All of my computer updates are complete !!!

I finally got my hands on a copy of Windows 7 – I had to order it from my second choice supplier because my primary choice was “ Out of Stock “

The secondary provider had 50 items in stock – so I placed an order

Delivery was promised in 48 hours and I checked 48 hours later to discover that my order was still being processed. 

Further investigation showed that my supplier was now showing  “Out of stock awaiting – delivery!!


Steam came out of my ears

After 10 days I stirred them up – by email and phone –their explanation was that their  supplier had them in stock – but was not releasing them.  I checked their suppliers website ( identical to their website – with the same number in stock  ( and I knew that their “ supplier “ was in fact their parent company !! )

I complained – they agreed to transfer my order to their “ supplier “

RESULT   –  my order was delivered by Special Courier the following day

Installing Windows 7 on he Boss’s old Toshiba NB 200 ( upgraded to 2 Gig ) was a bit tedious and installing all the updates ( over 200 ) was Slooooow !!!

Add to that I have been doing a lot of work for The Barrow upon Trent Parish History Research Group and even I have been aware that my head has been exclusively stuck in my computers for the past 14 days!!

So The Boss insisted that I drew attention to this article in the Telegraph of 16 February 2014

Love bytes   Technology mustn’t tear couples apart

Thanks to the web, it is impossible to escape the office

or read it HERE

“ Imagine the scene. A lovingly prepared meal for two sits on the table, candles burning – and where is your significant other? In the study dashing off an email

While you sit at the dinner table watching the soufflé collapse, the love of your life is emailing the boss, the accountant, the lawyer, or even a “Nigerian prince” who is looking for a bank account to rest a million pounds in… “

Coming 2 days after Valentines Day and 24 hours after the Boss’s birthday I understand the warning!!

“ Gone are the days when there was a clear divide between work and home. Thanks to the web, it is impossible to escape the office even when you are no longer in it. But it is the duty of lovers everywhere to try, lest, one day, they discover an email in their inbox that reads:-

“I’m leaving. It’s not me, it’s you. You and this blasted computer.

I think I am on a Final Warning

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