A Change of Plan !!

Circumstances beyond my control forced a change of plan!

I was going to continue upgrading my computers to Windows 7 and spent a fair amount of time preparing the Boss’s old netbook ready for the upgrade process.

I got together all the programs I wanted to reinstall,  tidied up the netbook and ran Windows 7 easy transfer program.

I then tried to order a copy of 32-bit Windows 7 from my preferred supplier.  They were out of stock.  I went to my second preferred provider who had 42 units in stock and I ordered one.

Delivery was promised in 48 hours and I checked 48 hours later to discover that my order was still being processed. 

Further investigation showed that my supplier was now showing  “Out of stock awaiting – delivery!!


Steam came out of my ears

I therefore returned to the broken old netbook of mine and spent four days resuscitating it and putting it back into shape – successfully so far!

I am therefore awaiting delivery of a new  copy of Windows 7 before I can continue the update process on the Boss’s old machine!!

Not a happy bear!

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