15 January 2014 I wrote

“ Everything now seems to be running extremely well and significantly faster than under XP.

There will be no new upgrades for some considerable time!! “


The upgraded backup computer ran beautifully for a week – and then crashed!


Some problem with the keyboard which could only be resolved by reinstalling Windows 7 and then reinstalling all of the programs  – so that was a bit of a problem!

I also set about tidying up an old Toshiba netbook computer,  basically by deleting a lot of the stuff on it and for some reason that has caused a major problem.  The computer will now not boot at all and I am having considerable difficulties in getting it back online.

For the moment that particular computer is on the backburner until I can persuade it to start working again.

I am also in the middle of upgrading a second Toshiba netbook from Windows XP to Windows 7 – tedious so far but at least I haven’t broken it yet.

Then just to compound matters I discovered on Saturday morning that my emails had ceased to come through.

It took a while to discover the problem.

Since 1 January 2014 a number of websites,  including websites with a   .com extension have had to be revalidated with ICANN  ( the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ).

Validation is carried out by responding to an email sent to your registered email address  ( I am fairly certain I never received the initial validation email ) and as a result my website was suspended on 25 January 2014.


I followed carefully the instructions on the ICANN website – went to the website of my domain name registrar and attempted to revalidate online.  Unfortunately each time I entered a correction on the webpage,  it popped up with a message “ Website Suspended “

I therefore contacted my registrar by email and they assured me that they would resend the validation email so that I could respond and release the account.

I waited all weekend but the email never arrived!!

The reason really was quite simple  –  since the website was suspended and the contact email address was hosted through the website the email  never arrived.

At 09:00 hours on Monday morning I was on the telephone to Tech Support at my service provider and explained the problem.

I gave them verbally an alternative email address ( not hosted on my domain ) and they sent the validation email to the working address.

The email arrived 10 minutes later and I revalidated the account.

It took about three hours for the website to come back online and for the emails to start running normally but it was an extremely frustrating 48 hours.

Currently I am in the middle of upgrading my Toshiba netbook number two – from Windows XP to Windows 7, and as soon as that is complete and I  will return to the broken netbook to attempt to reinstall Windows XP to run a very old but very effective electrocardiograph program which I have been using for many years.

A Normal ECG

It is fair to say that the stress over the past seven days probably means that I should have access to my ECG program!

My ECG 1999 – probably worse now!!!

I have promised the Boss that I will slow down a bit  !!!

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