Last Upgrade ( for the time being !! )

Arteman and the Boss are well on the road to recovery!

You can read about the problems at Arteman’s Blog

I have used the time to carry out the last upgrade ( for the time being!! ) on my backup computer.

The backup computer is a HP Pavilion

Pentium ( R ) dual core CPU E6500  2.93 GHz with 3 GB of memory.

It has 500 Gig of internal storage and two external hard drives  –   a 500 Gig My Passport hard drive and a 250 Gig Maxtor hard drive.

It also has an attached CanonScan 8500 scanner and a Wacom tablet

I have upgraded it from Windows XP running Office 2000 to Windows 7 running Office 365.

The upgrade process was reasonably simple – if a little tedious –  and all of the programs and attached peripherals are back online and working well.


And the most severe problem was the fact that once everything was reinstalled Word 365 would not run.

It took quite a long time to sort it out but finally I discovered that there was a conflict with the Bluetooth adapter I was using which had installed a Print to Bluetooth add-on to Word which caused it to crash.

It was necessary to run Word 365 in safe mode and then disable the add-on to solve the problem.

This is a synopsis of the resolution of the problem which I found on an Office 365 Forum

You may try to start your Word and Excel application in safe mode and check if it works fine

a. Click Start

b. type ‘WinWord /safe’ without quotes in search program and files and hit enter (For Word)

Note: there is a space between ‘WinWord’ and /

To disable add-ins in Word you may follow the steps below:

Open Word /File /Options/ Add-in/ Uncheck all the check boxes and click ‘Ok’ and verify the status.

NOTE:  part of this procedure is disabling addins.

If you want to take a shortcut, check to see if you have a Bluetooth device driver or addin, ie “send to Bluetooth”, installed.

Disabling Bluetooth is rapidly moving to the top of my Office trouble shooting process. Blue Tooth drivers have been identified as the cause of problems with many different “random” symptoms..

Everything now seems to be running extremely well and significantly faster than under XP.

There will be no new upgrades for some considerable time!!

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