Another Update

Christmas 2013 was not the best Christmas ever!!

Both Arteman and the Boss were significantly poorly for all of the Christmas period.

age ill

It began with a nasty cough and cold in the week before Christmas.  We were perhaps foolish in persevering with all of the pre-Christmas activities, dinners, parties, a burlesque show and the pantomime!

Both the Boss and I developed a really nasty full-blown acute bronchitis which persisted through Christmas week, and right up to Epiphany.

You can read about it at  Arteman’s Blog

I used my convalescence to update the Boss’s computer system

Her old netbook running XP has always been slow  – and with the impending loss of support for XP in April this year it seemed a good time for a step change ( my primary computer has already been upgraded to windows 7 )

So a new computer for the Boss!!!!

She now has a new HP Pavilion 500-119ea Desktop PC

– AMD A10-6700 Processor (3.7 GHz, 4 MB cache)
– Quad-core
1 TB HDD, 7200 rpm

Running Windows 8

with an external hard drive

Western Digital 1 TB  Passport Portable Hard Drive

She now has by far the best computer on the Home Network

At the same time I purchased a 5 computer licence for Microsoft Office 365 which is now installed on both the Boss’s computer and on my Primary computer

I am very happy – In the fullness of time I am sure the Boss will be happy too – but she does have a steep learning curve ahead of her !!!!

Problems so far

  1. Transferring her Outlook.pst file from XP/Office 2000  to Widows 8/Office 365 was a bit tedious and persuading the new machine to talk seamlessly in Outlook to all the other machines and to Google did require a bit of a fiddle.   She now has gSyncit embedded in her Microsoft Outlook program to allow synchronisation to all of our other devices  ( it works )
  2. Windows 8 did not like my old Phillips webcam so she now has an
    HP HD 4310 Full HD Webcam ( works well )

That just leaves me with 1 older desktop and two netbooks to upgrade to windows 7 – time and finances permitting !!!!!

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