Another Upgrade !!

The Boss is away in New Zealand for five weeks again! Read about it at Arteman’s Blog

I usually time upgrades to our computer systems for when she’s away and this year is no exception.

Not a major change just a new monitor for myself.

I had set my heart on a Samsung S22A100N 21.5″ Full HD LED-Backlit Monitor – and placed it on reserve and collect at our local computer superstore.

They confirmed the reserve and collect order by e-mail.

One hour later I received a phone call to say that they did not have it in stock.

As soon as their telephone sales line opened the following day I contacted them and was assured that they had a monitor in their megastore some 40 miles away.

Since this was on my return route from delivering the boss to Heathrow I placed it on collect and reserve at their megastore.

I arrived at their megastore some six hours later – having delivered the boss to Heathrow to be told that they did not have one in stock and that they had left a message on my home phone ( despite me telling them that I would not be at home to receive any phone calls prior to going to the store )

So the final upshot is both collect and reserve orders cancelled and I collected a HP Pavilion 22xiI IPS monitor instead.

I had intended to try to use the older monitor from the Boss’s computer as a second screen on my system but this has not proved possible.

The new monitor is attached to my computer, my old monitor is now attached to the Boss’s computer and her old monitor is now attached to my netbook.

Everything is working well and I am particularly happy with the split screen capability of the new monitor.


I am of course not particularly impressed by the reserve and collect facility offered by my local computer store – they seem to have a widespread problem with the stock control.

Still the new monitor works well and looks good!!

Forgot to mention that I was so impressed with my Kindle Fire I bought one for the Boss !!

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