Come On Baby–Light My Fire !!

Arteman and the Boss are back in the UK.

Whilst we were in France the Boss’s telephone died.  She had only had it for about seven months so this was really quite disappointing and there was nothing I could do to persuade it to work!

As soon as we got home we took the SIM card out and put it in an old phone which worked well and the new phone went in for repair.

It took six days to get the phone back ( and I am 99% certain that it is, in fact, a replacement phone and not a repair )

It has taken me about two hours to reinstall the essential apps and re-establish integrated connectivity with our home network system to synchronise calendar, contacts and the e-mail.

However, the phone is now back in full working order and all seems well.

The old phone which the Boss was using has now gone into the briefcase of essential travel equipment which we take to France just in case we have problems in the future!!

I also decided to celebrate our return home by purchasing a Kindle paper white.  For some time I have been using my Galaxy 10 inch tablet as an e-reader but it really isn’t a convenient unit to use on holiday, travelling, round the pool or even – in the bath!!

I have been impressed by the number of people in France round the pool using candles( Correction KINDLES – voice recognition does some interesting things !! ) in bright sunlight and so I decided to look at the Kindle paper white.

I went into our local computer store looked at the Kindle but also looked at the Kindle 7 inch Fire and I and decided in the end to purchase a Kindle Fire 7 inch

So not only do I now have a 7 inch e-reader ( which works fantastically ) but it also has limited tablet functionality.


It works well for standard web browsing, e-mail, and the calendar and contacts are synchronised across our entire system and it is much easier to use on the move than a 10 inch tablet.

And there are one or two interesting wrinkles – people will tell you you are restricted to using the Amazon App Store – but you can in fact download a number of native applications directly and install them

So far I am reasonably impressed

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