One Step Forward – One Step Back!

One step forward one step back!

A quick update to the technical blog.

I have installed a fourth surveillance camera on my home network .

It works well on computer, tablet and phone and it is now possible to view the interior and exterior of the house over Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world!!

At the same time I set up a system so that if either of the internal doors are opened an immediate notification is sent to me by e-mail and by SMS.


It was a bit difficult to setup and involves two third-party computer agencies one in Colorado and one in Cheshire.

The images are sent from my cameras to Colorado where they are archived for a month.

When we are away the system is set up such that if the internal doors are opened messages are sent to Colorado – they pass on an e-mail to the service provider in Cheshire who forwards it to me.  That works well

At the same time an e-mail is sent from Colorado to Cheshire where it is translated into an SMS message and sent immediately to my mobile phone.  That works well.

We went to France about five weeks ago and set up the system just before we left

It works incredibly well – in fact  it works much too well  –  by the time we had reached the Channel Tunnel I had received about 10 SMS messages to say that motion had been detected within the house!! 

We turned the system off!

I finally determined that I had the sensitivity set to high on the camera and managed to turn it down from the South of France and all seemed well.  I was only receiving about one SMS message a day

A fortnight later I received an e-mail from my SMS provider in Cheshire to say that I was running out of credit. 

That seemed a little strange as I had not used anything like as many messages as I had paid for.

I checked the reporting system on their website and discovered that my account was being used to send SMS messages from a different camera to an entirely different telephone number.

It took about 14 days to get the matter resolved but I’m pleased to say all seems well at present. They also re-credited me for the spurious messages

The system will be re-armed when we travel away the next time and there may be further reports later!!

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