Not been many blog entries recently because I have been a bit busy!!

A nasty little chest infection took up the middle two weeks of January’

Then a reorganisation of the physical arrangement of my computers and the highfi system in the lounge ( as a follow on from the installation of the Roberts Stream 83i ) and  a tidy up of my computer network filled the last week of January

February has seen a return to work on the computer system and Blog for the Barrow on Trent Heritage Lottery Project  

The Barrow on Trent Heritage Project blog can now be found HERE

I have been on a journey of exploration on using Interactive Google Maps and setting up a file sharing system using MediaFire

It has been interesting and exciting – and exhausting !!!! 

hammer1I must learn to say no!

Our village has received a Heritage lottery grant to further research the history of the village in conjunction with the children are the local school.

I attended the meeting and offered to assist!

I have therefore been doing some background research on the early history of the village and I have also set up some online storage – mostly for my own use – but also to provide a depository for the information which the village and the school discover.

The storage was set up using MediaFire – a U.S.-based store cloud storage system.

The setup was extremely simple and the storage allows multiple users by setting up folders which are used as file drop folders which allow each user to have their own folder where they can place files whilst at the same time having access to all of the files dropped by other users.

Rather than using the free option and opted for the paid for option which cost me a whole £10 for 50 GB for a year – so far I have been impressed  !!!

The reason for my interest – some years ago I wrote a fairy story about the history of the local area in conjunction with the campaign I was running to oppose the imposition of some 2000 extra houses on our small village ( current population 500 )  –  but if the proposals go ahead our parish will increase to 5500!!

You can read the fairy story at     The Story of Fabius Maximus  –  it is a fairy story – but most of the background facts are real – and the new research that I have done has shown conclusive evidence of human habitation in the local area for at least 4000 years – from the time of the Beaker People to the present day and possibly even earlier – back to the Neolithic !!!

I was surprised to discover that archaeological evidence had revealed a Romano- British settlement on the edge of the Parish

So I have been a bit busy recently. !!!!

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