Another Network Upgrade

Yet another upgrade to my increasingly complex home broadband network system!!

British Gas came and the central heating system is now fully networked into the home broadband!   British Gas Smart Home

The upgrade went very easily and very swiftly.

It involved the installation of a BT hub onto the network ( BT had already sent pre-installation instructions and I had made certain that a power supply (permanently on) was available and that there was a spare ethernet port available on my router/switch.

The wireless thermostat is in and connected without any problems.

heat1It is now possible to control the central heating system either by computer ( to control the global settings for the system ) or to override and set the system on a temporary basis using either of our computers on the network, or either of our tablets either on the network or externally provided there is wireless connection, or from anywhere in the world using my mobile phone on either Wi-Fi or 3G!!


heat2Whether we will actually save any money is problematical – not least because the installation of the system coincided with the arrival of winter!!


We are currently running the system at about 1 to 1.5° lower than previously but because of the cold weather we are now running for longer during the day!!


Home Security Update !!!

I am still in negotiations with Sensr.Net to try to set up SMS alerts on my telephone.

There is no problem passing e-mails to SMS using paid for credits on TextLocal – but thus far I have not persuaded Sensr.Net to include TextLocal on their list of approved providers.

Watch this space

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