An Unexpected Upgrade

Our daughter Caroline and her husband Neill were with us over the New Year.

For Christmas they  gave me a new Internet radio.

They gave me my first one about three years ago which worked extremely well for about two years and then, just as it fell out of warranty –  ceased working.

I could not make it restart and the kids took it away to see if they could get it replaced but I assume without success!!

Roberts-83iSo for Christmas this year they presented me with a Roberts Stream 83i.

I did promise not to install it on New Year’s Day – but that was one resolution that I did not keep!

The radio was installed and within minutes the Internet radio was working perfectly.

I can now choose from literally tens of thousands of Internet radio stations and that works absolutely beautifully.

I then tried to set it up to play my music library ( I have already digitised and entire music library ) but found I was having some problems!

It took me a couple of days to realise the problem was not with the radio but with the way I had set up Windows Media Player on my computer.

That problem has now been overcome and the Roberts Stream 83i can now access our entire collection of MP3 songs and playlists

It is fantastic!

An unexpected bonus – sorting out Windows Media Player has also made all the MP3 music ( and all of my photographs and videos )  accesible on the TV through the network attached Western Digital live TV Streaming Media Player

It is fantastic!

I have so far only set up a few Internet radio stations but I already have the following favourites, Radio 4, BBC Radio Derby, New Zealand National Radio, Dunedin (New Zealand ) FM and four of the Nostalgie stations transmitted from France.

The Nostalgie stations were a recommendation from our close friends Chris and Jen – (  ideal stations for people of our generation! ! )

All seems to work extraordinarily well

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