Even More Computer Updates!

Even more computer updates!

The first thing to say is that Sky On Demand is now fully installed and fully working and there is certainly too much television.

WD-live-TVI have also added a new Western Digital live TV Streaming Media Player to the TV.

Installation was remarkably simple though it has taken some time to come to terms with how it works!

The media player has two USB slots one of which has an eight gig USB stick in but I also added a 1 TB hard drive to the other USB slot.

This now has on it our entire photograph library, our entire MP3 library, and our entire home video library!

So far too much stuff now on the television.

One additional complication – in addition to the remote controller the Western Digital live TV Streaming Media Player also has a downloadable app which has been downloaded onto my Samsung Galaxy tablet to control the Media Player from the tablet!

It has been a busy time!!!

In addition – British Gas have just introduced a network attached remote control device for domestic central heating systems.

I have ordered that the equipment which should be installed on 8 January ( provided our boiler is suitable ) .  Much more information in the New Year!!

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