Time for an Update

Well it really is time for an update to Arteman Tech – most of the activity has been going on on Arteman’s Blog,  particularly because the Boss is in New Zealand where our second grandchild has just been born.  First Photos

She took her Samsung Galaxy 10 inch Tablet with her,   and her learning curve whilst in New Zealand has been extraordinarily steep – she is becoming quite proficient using it for e-mail,  Skype,  and using the front and back camera on Skype to keep me in touch with what is going on on the other side of the world.

It really has been a step change in her technical skills!!

While she’s away I’ve been doing one or two small technical things at home.

The first and simplest one;  I am replacing all of our 100 watt reflector down lights  –  about 17 of them –  with GU 10 LED lights.

This means the lighting load in the house will reduce from about 2 kW to well under 500 W.  A good economical move.

I have managed to reduce the base consumption of the house when unoccupied down to about 200 W but don’t think it will go much lower – fridges,  freezer,  and a certain amount of current for the Internet connection modem and network.

On the technical side I have been installed two new piece of hardware.

The first is a 1 Tb Seagate Go Flex Network Attached Drive –  it allows access to essential files from all of the network,  and through the Internet at all times.  It was easy to setup and I have been very impressed with its performance.

I have also spent a little time rewriting my Microsoft Access databases and transferring them to the Seagate so that they can be accessed from all of the network and when I am I am away from home –  either using Windows XP and Office 2000 or Windows 7 and Access 2010.  I am quite impressed with the level of compatibility

The  Galaxy Tablets also connect to it with remarkable ease using the Go Flex application.

The second piece of hardware was a wireless network connection for my sky television box to provide the new Sky On Demand service.

The offer by Sky was very cheap and the equipment arrived very swiftly and setup was incredibly simple.

It works.

However – after 24 hours I realised I was not getting all the services on Sky On Demand which I had expected – particularly the catch-up facility and the BBC I player.

It took me some time to try and discover the problem.

Not a problem with the wireless connector, not a problem with my broadband connection,  but a problem with the Sky service.

The service is being rolled out incrementally to Sky boxes and it took some time to discover through the Sky website and the Sky forums that my particular Sky box – a Samsung will not be fully upgraded until the end of November.

This LINK will take you the information on the Sky website or you can read it HERE

Patience,  Patience,  Patience, – not one of my strong points

17 Nov 2012  Patience has been rewarded – Sky on Demand is now fully installed and working well   !!!!

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