An Update

The summer has been relatively quiet on the technology front.

We have spent quite a lot of time in France where we have been using our to Galaxy 10 inch tablets ( I was so impressed with mine I bought a separate one for the Boss – she is going to New Zealand on her own in October and I decided that the Galaxy tablet would be ideal for her while she stays with our son and his family for the birth of our second grandchild!! ) 

I continue to be impressed by BT Infinity which has proved very reliable and is returning speeds of 70 to 72,000 bps on a regular basis.

The only additional equipment I have added is a new KVM switch – USB-based – to replace my old PS2 KVM switch.   I chose a 2 Port Mini USB KVM Kit with Cables and Audio Switching which was extremely easy to install and instructions were extremely clear. It works perfectly

I have also purchased a second D-Link N day and night camera DCS – 932L to add the one I purchased previously  ( )  and this will allow the Boss to monitor what’s going on at home while she’s in New Zealand!!.

We have been using the first camera as a security WebCam whilst we have been away this summer and it works extremely well using the D Link Lite app on the Galaxy Tablet

There are currently no plans to upgrade any of our computer systems!!

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