Moving to Infinity


BT infinity, ( high-speed Internet ) has been installed!


The process was extremely simple!! 

The equipment which arrived by courier –  arrived on time! 

The engineer was due to arrive between 8 AM and 1 PM on Wednesday and he phoned me at 8 AM and arrived at about 0820.

The information from BT indicated that the installation might take up to 3 hours but in fact the entire installation was completed and set up within 20 min.

BT state that their engineer will connect the  Infinity line to one computer and ensure that it works –  which caused some concern since I have a somewhat complicated home network running  4 computers,  3 android devices, a wireless printer and a wireless security WebCam.

I anticipated problems !!

The engineer connected the BT Home Hub 3 directly into my network switch and all of the wired system came online immediately.

He checked the line speeds – they were OK – and he departed.

Now for my initial stupidity!

None of the wireless applications could find a new Home Hub – it took me several minutes to realise that I needed to change the SSID the and web security on the Hub but once that was done all the wireless devices connected !!

Everything was up and connected within 45 min of the arrival of the engineer

Congratulations to BT Openreach

As indicated by BT Openreach line speeds were very variable in the first 24 hours  but they now seem to be settling down between 40 and 50 Mbps ( 43Mbps at 1115 on 5 July 2012 ) and I hope to see a further improvement in the next few days.

So far so good

At the same time I am moving all my primary computing activity from my old Windows XP-based system to the new Windows 7 computer together with a significant move to using “ The Cloud “

This has caused some problems as some of my old programs – some over 15 years old – will not run very happily on Windows 7.

I have also had to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2012 on the new machine.

Cross platform,  cross operating system compatibility and synchronisation have throw up a number of problems but most of them have now been resolved

The migration is  however taking place reasonably comfortably

I continue to be very favourably impressed by my Samsung Galaxy 10 inch Tablet.

The final IT activity at present is waiting for courier to deliver a new Samsung Galaxy 10 inch tablet for the Boss.

Scheduled ( paid for ) delivery was due yesterday !!  – but it is shown as ” out for delivery ” on the tracking system for today

I have decided it is time for the Boss to make a step change in her computing.

I suspect this will cause me some grief!!

I know that I am a good teacher of information technology – I have the certificates to prove it!!

NVQ3-a NVQ3-b

And I have always been able to blow my own trumpet


Past history makes it clear that Arteman and the Boss struggle in the teacher/pupil relationship!!

Nonetheless by the time she travels to New Zealand later this year the Boss we will be competent in the use of her Samsung Galaxy!!

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