BT Infinity Is Coming !!

We have known for some time in the village that BT had installed fibre-optic cable to the local telephone boxes and that our local exchange had been converted to run BT Infinity but it had taken some time for them to announce the rollout date


We got back from France last weekend and I had an e-mail from BT to say that Infinity was now available in our area.  Unsurprisingly I immediately placed an order!!

The actual earliest installation date fell within a period when we will be once again in France but the date has now been rearranged for immediately after our next return.

Watch this space for further information.

The sales department claim that we will get 60 meg download speeds and 20 meg upload speeds.  Quite an improvement on 2 and less than one – if it is true !!

Even more amazing is the fact that my monthly payments go down !!

The only downside is that  I may loose Broadband Talk – there is no Hub phone with the new Infinity Router.

I access my Broadband Talk phone number using BT Softphone on computers and Sipdroid on my android equipment so it will be a bit of a loss

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