Just a Bit of Nonsense

I recently installed in car CCTV – following an advertisement in the Daily Telegraph – it records what is happening in front of the car – to record the foolishness one sees everyday on the roads of the UK

But in a month there really have been no significant events !!!!

Until today!!

The road from our village into our nearest town is very narrow – and runs alongside a canal – there is one very nasty corner with, until a couple of years ago no edge protection to the canal.  

We have lived in the village for thirty years and there have been a number of cars in the canal.  Following a nasty incident a couple of years ago edge protection was provided – this stops vehicles entering the canal but makes the corner very narrow which in turn means that we now have more head on accidents.

There was one this morning – the aftermath is shown on the following video

It does at least prove that the camera works!!!!

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