More New Toys

Arteman and the Boss are back in the United Kingdom.

We have just spent six weeks in New Zealand visiting Peter and Ruth and Connor.

Unfortunately a week after we arrived I was admitted to hospital with what appeared initially to be a small TIA, but the CT scan of my brain showed that it was in fact a right middle cerebral artery thrombosis and infarct!!

You can read the blog ” Not Quite The Blog I Expected To Write From New Zealand ” by following this Link.

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I am now back in the UK and recovering well.

We have been home a week and there have been some significant changes on the technology front.

The first – relatively minor – I have installed a security CCTV Camera in my car. The installation went well although at one stage I did manage to change the background language to Chinese which involved some pretty nifty footwork to read the Chinese to be able to convert the background language back to English!!

The second new toy is a new 10 inch tablet. I decided to retire my ” It’s Not an iPad ” tablet and give it to the Boss. It will certainly meet all her requirements!!

For myself I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy 64 gig 10 inch tablet.

Because of all the fiddling I had to do last year with my somewhat difficult tablet, setting up the Samsung Galaxy has been extraordinarily easy and it works extremely well!!

All of the applications which I had only previous tablet now run on the Galaxy, but much faster and with much greater stability!!


In addition to all of the applications that were on the previous tablet (see the earlier part of this blog), I have also been able to install Skype and Sipdroid (which allows the Wi-Fi only Galaxy to function as a VOIP telephone very satisfactory – it thinks it’s a BT Softphone

So far I think the Samsung Galaxy 64G 10 inch tablet is fantastic !!!

So the first week back at home has been quite busy on the technological front!!

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