More new Kit !!

Arteman and the boss are back in the UK.

After a fairly tottering time with web access in France that problem is now resolved

I have acquired a new piece of kit!! A D-Link N day and night camera DCS — 932L

This is effectively a surveillance camera which replaces the rather poor CCTV system which I was using before.

The camera is a net attached IP camera connected directly to my network.

The camera is small, neat and discreet, mains powered and works well so far.

Installation and setup was extremely easy.

After setting up the camera you are required to set up a free account with D-Link that this was also easily completed.

The camera produces images of an acceptable quality and it is also possible to set up the camera to detect motion and also to send e-mails to your e-mail account when motion is detected.

In addition it is possible to download a D-Link application from either the android market or iPhone store to allow images to be transmitted to your iPhone, tablet or android device.

It is also possible to access the camera from any computer or iPhone or android device to obtain live view of the images.

It all works remarkably well – so far I am impressed!!!

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