Time for an Android Update

My HTC Desire is fantastic. It does everything that it is supposed to do and much more besides.

Two recent discoveries – Google Translate is amazing and Google Documents provides an really useful facility to capture documents using the Smartphone camera and the uses OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) to produce a Google document which you can then copy and paste into your word processing program.  It is accurate and quick!!

More about my 10 inch Android tablet device.

On 20 March of this year I made what appeared to be a foolish prediction about my recent purchase in Hong Kong of a 10 inch android Tablet.

I said

“ Do I have second thoughts about my purchase, Yes I Do

Will I make it work to my satisfaction, Yes I Will !!!

Watch this space. “

Well we are three months on. But does it work to my satisfaction ?

Yes it does

The way in which it was sold, the actions of the sales personnel and the ethos of consumerism in Hong Kong still offend me — but I have relearned a lesson about shopping – “caveat emptor” and that is no bad thing.

Going back to the tablet itself

It now handles e-mail, Internet browsing, document production, web production and blogging with ease. It also has a number of sophisticated medical applications installed all of which work well and a number of news feeds which also work incredibly well.

Cloud computing using Dropbox works well across my home computer network and links seamlessly to both the HTC Desire and the android tablet and after a little work the Contacts and Calendar functions are integrated across Microsoft Outlook  and Google Calendar and Contacts to ensure both systems are synchronised at all times.

Worldmate – the travel planning application which I use is little short of miraculous!!

I have been impressed.

Taking the Android 10 inch tablet and the HTC Desire together, I have no doubt that the future of computing is in small handheld devices.

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