Shopping, Technology and an Unwise Purchase

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We recently spent 50 hours in Hong Kong. It was an interesting and fascinating time, but not one that I intend to repeat.

Link to Post Hong Kong

We did the tourist things. They were good.

The shopping however was a disaster. We had not left enough time for shopping and in consequence it was not a happy experience.

We did however manage to purchase a very attractive jacket for my wife at a reasonable price even though I found the shopping experience extremely unpleasant.

I had resolved not to purchase anything in Hong Kong.

My resolution however weakened and I decided to purchase some computer equipment.

A mistake!

I went into the shop fully intending to purchase a specific item and left the shop having spent twice as much as I intended with something slightly different.

I still do not know if I have been conned or if I have a reasonable purchase.

The hard sell was extremely well carried out and reinforces my view of the commercial ethos of Hong Kong.

I have read the history of Hong Kong and I understand that the entire purpose of the colony (now the Special Administrative Region of The People’s Republic of China ) is for the furtherance of trade.

It may be appropriate at this point to insert a hyperlink to the history of Hong Kong and the opium wars.

History of Hong Kong The Opium Wars

In any case I found the entire commercial experience in Hong Kong extremely unpleasant.

It seemed to reflect all of the worst characteristics of commercialised, materialistic, excessive consumerism.

So I left the shop with a piece of computer equipment which wasn’t what I intended at a higher price than I intended to pay

I had intended to buy a medium priced Apple iPad. I left with what appears to be a reasonably high spec android 10 inch Android Tablet which may or may not turn out to be useful.

It certainly looks like an iPad.

Much like the advertisement on television for Volkswagon Golf

– it looks like Golf, it sounds like a Golf but it isn’t a Golf!!!!

Well my piece of computer equipment looks like an iPad – works like an iPad but it’s not an iPad!!

It is different but it has facilities not available on the iPad – it has a USB connection, it has a USB to go connection, it has network availability, it has a camera in fact it has all the things an iPad ought to have. ( but no instructions!!! )

And the more I use it the more I think it may well be a useful piece of kit but it has its problems.

The most obvious is that it will not access the entire Application Market.

I found a workaround for most of the applications I want to install so that is not an enormous problem.

It has its own idiosyncrasies but I’m learning to live with them.

My purpose in purchasing the Tablet was to use it for


Blog writing

A certain amount of word processing

And possibly for some database activity.

I have managed to install

Adequate email facilities

WordPress for Android

Documents To Go

Handbase – Database management ( which integrates well with Microsoft Access )

and an E book reader

I have also managed to integrate the calendar and contacts lists with my Google mail calendar and contacts which are themselves cross integrated with my databases on Microsoft Outlook.

So all is not bad

Time will tell

Do I have second thoughts about my purchase, Yes I Do

Will I make it work to my satisfaction, Yes I Will !!!

Watch this space.

I have also installed Angry Birds – just as a way of staying sane when everything else falls apart!!!

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