The Highs and Lows of Travelling with a Computer

It has been an interesting few days. We left the United Kingdom five days ago to travel to New Zealand.

The plan was to keep a trip journal and website of our travels up to date as we travelled.

I intended to do this using my Smartphone, an HTC Desire and my netbook using wireless access points along the way.

Like the curate’s egg, it has been good in part.

Wireless access at Heathrow Airport in the ServisAir lounge was excellent.

Similarly at Hong Kong access was easy and free.

The trouble is really began when we got to Christchurch. Despite signs indicating that access was available in the Air New Zealand Koru Club Lounge I was unable to connect to the Internet.

The first 48 hours in New Zealand we were staying at the Leith Valley Touring Park and the again no wireless access with either the Smartphone or the netbook was possible.

I was beginning to get quite frustrated!!

We moved on to stay with my son Peter, and the troubles multiplied.

My Smartphone connected to his Apple-based network with no trouble at all but gaining access for my netbook over his wireless based system has proved impossible.

Each time I try to connect I am faced with the dreaded message ” limited or no connectivity”.

Despite my best attempts I have been unable to overcome the problem.

So – down in the town this morning with my netbook in my rucksack to see if I could connect to any of the wireless access points in town.

No problem at all!!!

The resolution of the problem at my son’s house has been to adopt a wired connection, which works perfectly.

Just as an aside my wife’s telephone, an HTC S620, connects to my son’s WiFi system with no problem at all.

There are days when I hate computers!!!!!

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