A New Phone ( Part 4 ) Led Astray Again

Another digression. I have been led astray again.

Four days ago I knew nothing about QR codes (quick reaction codes), but then I discovered how useful they are to install programs on my HTC Desire smartphone.

Whilst browsing the web gently yesterday I discovered how easy it is to generate simple quick codes.

I came across the website of Mobile Barcodes.Com and discovered just how simple it is.

Link to Mobile Barcodes website

So, as a diversion and I created a few QR codes of my own. If you have an android system smart phone, and have downloaded a barcode reader, pointing it at QR code below will take you directly to my personal website

arteman web

If you scan the QR code at the end of this paragraph your phone will open up your e-mail client and fire it up automatically with my web address already in the “send to” box so you can compose a quick message

AGE mail

I find it quite amazing. I’m not sure at this stage how useful the facility will be

Digression ends

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