A Diagnosis at Last ?

So the new telephone is all set up and ready to go.

Almost the first thing I did was to use the medical applications on the telephone to do a little investigation into a personal medical problem.

I am a registered medical practitioner and I have been retired on the grounds of ill health for the past 16 years.

The major problem was a myocardial infarction followed by coronary artery bypass surgery but the major symptom which affects me has been an intermittent problem with my left foot.

This has defied diagnosis at my local district general hospital and is a problem that I have learnt to live wit.

You can read the story by following the link or using the QR code at the end of this paragraph

Link to My Story


I put my symptoms into Diagnosaurus and it came up with a differential diagnosis which I did not recognise.

I copied the entry into Google and I now have what may be an explanation for my problems.

It may well be that I suffer from Erythromelalgia — although that is not certain, – and it will certainly be difficult to produce a definitive diagnosis. However what happens to me seems to mirror very accurately what seems to occur with other patients with that diagnosis.

Link to The Erythromelalgia Association website

So I will continue to explore the possibilities of a diagnosis of Erythromelalgia and at least have the beginnings of a possible explanation for my symptoms and illness.

It’s only taken 16 years after all!!!

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