A New Phone ( Part 3 ) VOIP, Skype and Internet Telephony

The new phone is set up, customised, has added security and added wireless openzone access and it’s now time for improved communications.

My service provider British Telecommunications provides an application which will allow me to login to BT Openzone hotspots and BT Fon hotspots automatically. My contract allows me “ unlimited “ access in BT Openzone and BT FON wireless hotspots

This does require that you signup for their BT Fon service on your home router, but does provide reasonable free wireless access not only throughout the United Kingdom but at least, technically, worldwide through the FON system provided by Fonera

Link to BT Openzone

Link to BT Fon

Link to Fonera

So download the BT Fon app from the Android Market

Link to ” How to download the BT Fon app for Android “

Next download Skype from the Android Market and install it. This adds an additional method of communication provided of course that one already has a Skype account.

The final step at this stage was rather more problematical. On my old HTC S620 British Telecom installed an automatic dialler which allowed me access to my BT Broadband Talk telephone number from the mobile telephone.

The telephone number is provided with my BT Home Hub, operates on my BT Home Hub telephone and by using a soft phone application works on my netbook. Is also used to work on the HTC 620.

There was no information suggesting that the HTC Desire could communicate automatically with my BT Broadband telephone number.

I spoke to the very helpful helpdesk of British Telecommunications who informed me that this was indeed the case and that there were no plans at present to include an application through British Telecommunications to access my BT Broadband telephone number.

A little work digging on the Internet revealed that it was possible to install an Internet telephony application on the HTC desire and that it would be possible with a little bit of hard work to set it up to access my BT Broadband telephone number.

I an including the information below as a to anyone else who wishes to do it.

Step one, Download and install the Sipdroid application from the Android Market. The QR code for Sipdroid is shown below. For a reminder of how to use QR codes follow this link.

Link to Information on QR codes

QR Code for Sipdroid


Once Sipdroid is installed you will need to set it up. The following Instructions are copied from an internet telephony website and work for me.

Link to the BT Forum about Broadband Talk on Android

The first thing you need is your SIP settings. To retrieve these settings;

1. You need to go to www.bt.com/bbv login with your broadband talk number and password

2. Click configure your equipment (new small window pops up) Click configure 3. When you get to configuration successful copy the full address bar (it’s pretty long) and paste it into notepad This gives you all the information you need Example below is mine ‘XXXX’ replaces my user and passwords!


The user name1 and password1 is what you will need for the next bit.

In the next step we will setup the SIP client and apply the settings to the Android phone;

1. Go to the Android Market http://www.android.com/market/ (from your phone as it doesn’t work properly on a PC) and download Sipdroid (http://sipdroid.org/)

2. Open Sipdroid, go to the sip account settings and enter the following;

a. Authorization Username = Enter your BBT number here as shown in the settings above which with start with a 44
b. Password = this is NOT your normal BBT password, Enter the password from the settings as highlighted above. (This is 15 characters long and is case sensitive)
c. Server = Enter
d. Domain = Enter btsip.bt.com
e. Username/Caller ID = leave this filed blank
f. Port = Enter 5060
g. Protocol = Select UDP

There should be an indicator on the notifications bar, if it’s red then the settings have failed, if its amber it’s trying to register, Green means you’re ready to go!

One last app to add at this stage and that was Mozilla Firefox

Link to Firefox Mobile Web site

QR Code for Firefox


Enough for this session!

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