A New Phone

I have a new mobile telephone. An HTC Desire running the android operating system.

I did not intend to get a new telephone and I blame Peter and Ruth for the fact that I now have one.

They have had a fairly difficult past 12 months as Ruth has been at college on a teacher training course, successfully completed and starting full-time work in two weeks time as well as dealing with a very active 18-month-old child.

So they decided to treat themselves to an iPad. I took them down to our local electronics store and left them with an assistant playing with an iPad.

I went to look at the mobile phones. I knew that my ISP with whom I have my mobile contract was offering the HTC Desire if people took up a further contract and so I played with the telephone in the store. I was impressed.

Peter Ruth and Connor left the store with their iPad and I left the store and went straight home and took out a new contract with my ISP.  A small increase in my monthly payment ( to include “unlimited “ GPRS access ) got me an HTC Desire at a significantly discounted price.

So, I’ve got the new phone, what next?

Well it’s got all the bells and whistles it’s a GSM telephone, will send standard text messages, multimedia,messages, has access to the 3G telephone system and wireless Internet capability. And there are literally thousands of apps (applications) available either directly from the telephone or online for almost every purpose.

Where to start?

I intend to use the phone whilst travelling both in the United Kingdom, France and New Zealand. Inevitably this will mean using open access WiFi points since these are significantly cheaper than a roaming 3G. So worldwide access is important and increased security.

My first action was to install some antivirus software from the android applications market. AVG Antivirus

Link to AVG Antivirus

My second point of call was to set up a virtual private network (VPN) and this involved opening an account with a company in Hong Kong . Purepvn

Link to Purepvn

Installing Purepvn to the HTC Desire was a piece of cake. Setting it up on my netbook which I also intend to use from time to time in open WiFi spots was a nightmare, but after some considerable fiddling with the settings I have got it set up and ready to go.

Step three was to take out a contract for worldwide Internet wireless access. Boingo.

Link to Boingo

My next task was to get the new telephone to synchronize with my home computer system and my old telephone an HTC S620 which I had passed on to my wife. We have a system which allows cross-platform integration of our Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts across all of our home computers and wireless synchronization using Plaxo on the home computer system allowed it to integrate seamlessly with the old telephone HTC’s S620.

A little investigation on the Internet revealed that it was not possible to integrate directly from Plaxo to link Outlook to my HTC Desire.                      Plaxo

Link to Plaxo

It was necessary to set up a Gmail account so that the calendar on the phone would integrate with Google calendar and then to set up a second step synchronisation between Google calendar and Plaxo The process was a little fiddly and time-consuming but once it was set up the system works and integrates satisfactorily.     Google

Link to Google

So Step One completed – a shiny new phone – a level of security which is acceptable to me and an integrated cross platform synchronization of calendars and contacts.

Time to draw breath!

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